Aseel Jamal is a 25-year-old up and coming makeup artist from Jerusalem. Being a makeup fanatic since her school days, she realized her skills were exemplary and could be used for something productive. With the help of various Youtube tutorials, Aseel polished her artistry and finally at the age of 19 kicked off her career. From then onwards she has been working hard to have a strong foothold in the industry. Soon after at the tender age of 20, the young makeup artist opened up her very own salon. And at 21 was capable enough to launch a bridal shop called ‘Aseel Jamal Boutique’. Now Aseel is planning to open her third store in Jerusalem which will be a makeup studio, makeup academy, and bridal store, all in one place.

In just a few years Aseel went from a rookie makeup artist to the owner of her very own franchise. Known as the most prominent influencer in Israel and Palestine, Aseel has a huge fanbase from not only her home country but also various other Arabic nations as well. Her products and services such as bridal dresses, makeup products, and makeup services cater to the Arabs specifically hence the large fan following. Despite being so popular, Aseel never forgets to give to the community since she believes in ‘carrying each other’. Constantly supporting local small businesses, she advertises startups for free and promotes them to give such enterprise exposure and customers. 

Mrs. Jamal is a gorgeous young woman who is not afraid to show the world her expertise hoping that they’d learn from it. Despite being only 25 years old, she is a highly responsible and mature person; she got married approximately six years ago and gave birth to her first child on the 18th of September 2019. Mrs. Jamal juggles her maternal and business life together, giving the utmost importance to both and excelling in everything she does. Aseel is a role model for all the mothers out there who are hesitant to work when starting a family. She is a very strong and independent woman who hopes to inspire others through her values.

Recently Aseel Jamal has plans to launch her very own lipstick line in collaboration with VelVet Clash; a cosmetic company based in Jerusalem. She plans to release an array of colors of the product with the best quality ingredients being used. Aseel wants to make a product that is true to its price and offers the most sought-after features; such as long-lasting wear, comfortable application, and a creamy yet matte texture to the lipstick. Aside from releasing her product in the future, Aseel is already known to be a very successful entrepreneur; she has been named one of the best selling idols on an e-commerce website called www.be-idol.com, a place where people can purchase different brands of makeup products from. 

Aseel Jamal can be reached out through her personal Instagram (@aseeljamalofficial) or her business account (@aseeljamalboutique) both having thousands of followers respectively. This highlights the popularity of the young makeup artist and the very strong fanbase she has. Mrs. Jamal also has a Snapchat (@asool66), Facebook (@aseeljamalsalon), and Youtube (@AseelJamalSalon) where she constantly updates tutorials, tips, and tricks about makeup in general. She has a website (https://www.aseeljamal.com/) where one can view products being sold and also contact her for queries. It is pretty evident through the various social media platforms Aseel is active on, that she prioritizes her followers and enjoys communicating with them frequently. 

The secret behind Aseel’s massive success is her down to earth personality and having a highly empathetic nature. She was never a boastful person and instead used her platforms to help and promote others instead. She has always remained steadfast and has made sure to learn from her mistakes instead of wasting time fretting over them. Aseel aims to pass on her dedicated personality to her fans by showcasing them her life so that they can earn from her past, present, and future to further better themselves.